Good morning again. We are closing out the third week of January. Where did you grow? Where did you falter?

I attended Saddleback Church this past Sunday (online), and “Pasta” Rick mentioned a 100-day Plan and suggested that we identify two areas that we’d like to grow in during that…

Good morning again. January is skating by in a pair of inline roller blades. How’s everything going with you? What goals did you set for yourself? How are they coming along?

This being the end of the second week, finding myself not up to par with my financial goals. Someone’s…

Good morning, we’re wrapping up the first business week of 2022. How do you feel about that? In many ways I’m optimistic… my theme for this year is #DoingBetterThisYear. 2021 was #ImGettingTheHangOfIt, 2020 was #FixItJeebus. Need to just put one step at a time daily and trust the process. Faith.

Good morning, hope your week was good and that the year was good to you. It’s the last day in 2021 and my final Medium post for the year.

I’m still very much actively working towards building my handcrafted beaded jewelry beYOUteous into an eCommerce store offering a line of…

Lawrence Jean-Louis

I’m Lawrence, of Drunken Philosophy, Poop! Random Words, Musings and Insight, and most recently Color Your Word! A Creativity Outlet for Nerdy Adults.

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