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Lawrence Jean-Louis
3 min readDec 10, 2021

Good morning, hope your week was good. Continuing with the same message, beYOUteous is my eCommerce store offering a line of handcrafted beaded jewelry which aims to spread the message for embracing individuality, feminine strength, and empowerment. You can shop wholesale at

Last week, I shared that I’ve started a newsletter on LinkedIn’s platform which is a working compilation of the articles I’ve written so far with the goal of releasing That’s Just My Baby Daddy next year. This is my upcoming book which will feature 12 men who’ve contributed greatly to society and includes Archimedes, Albert Einstein and others. It’s part of my goal of getting back to writing and publishing books (fiction and nonfiction) described in “Purpose, Mind Mapping, The World, and Books!”

The book’s target publication date is March 16, which is Freedom of Information Day. The second, She Sells Seashells By The Seashore, is slated for August 26, 2022.

2021 is coming to a close, and in the December beYOUteous newsletter, I shared that “I’m far from where I’d like to be, further than I was, and optimistic about 2022.” That is, on most days. If you read the December newsletter on, you’d realize that by Wednesdays… I’m generally becoming a ball of nerves.

This week, I’ve started working on what I’d like to accomplish next year… “small steps will lead me to great outcomes.” Addressing things that I feel that I should’ve already known… target monthly income, target daily income. A source of stress has been trying and not meeting the target daily income that I’m aiming for in January and F.E.A.R-ing that the year could be a continuation of present financial circumstances. Rationally and statistically, it can’t be… but tell that to my lizard brain once it’s active. Yet in order to get to 2022, I’ll need to be able to navigate through the end of 2021.

I still need to go through my to-do list for each of the months from this current year, see what I’ve completed… what needs to be continued, etc. Created a set of master goals for 2022, then each month will its individual set of goals… still working on January. Some master goal items include a place to live (rent), a car… the engine of mine (Paolo Coelho) died when I moved to GA at the end of September and the entire car was scrapped. Need to once again become affiliated with an insurance brokerage firm… an agent’s life and investment license can only float for 2 years.

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